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arts & culture

Studying art history is not just about looking at art

At IEEC, we recognise this weight that art history carries. Designed and led by passionate advanced-level art students and fellow researchers, we offer an expansive palette of course options, spanning across different levels and topics, from the classical marvels of Greco-Roman antiquity to the innovative brilliance of modern art. Our mission is beyond imparting knowledge: It is to ignite an enduring passion for arts and culture, and to open the door to endless inspirations.

Because in the world of art history, every brushstroke and chisel mark is a whisper from the past, and by understanding the past, we enrich our present and empower our future. Join us in unravelling the beauty and meaning behind the world's most celebrated artworks, and let art inspire your life's canvas.

It is about understanding humanity itself. Art history is more than just paintings on walls; it is about stories, revolutions, and human triumphs etched in colours and forms. It is a window into our shared history, culture, and into the evolution of our ideas and emotions. By delving into art history, we decode the past and make sense of the present. Whether you are a self-proclaimed art novice or a learned art enthusiast, art history is a gateway to a richer, more profound connection with the world and its people.


Ivy Li

Ivy is an aspiring art historian and a passionate educator specialising in Early Modern European art and visual culture. She received her Bachelor of Arts with high distinction in Art History and French Language and Literature from University of British Columbia. For her academic prowess and community engagement, Ivy was chosen to deliver the valedictorian speech.

During her undergraduate studies, her paper "Unfolding the Overlapping Bodies: An Analysis of Sofonisba Anguissola’s Self-Portrait Miniature in Boston as Feminist Manifesto", was published in the UJAH Issue 13, in which she pushed an understudied miniature to an unprecedented level of critical analysis. Currently, Ivy is pursuing a Master of Arts in Art History at UBC on a full-ride scholarship. Her current research explores the cross-cultural interactions in Renaissance art, as well as the relations between artistic production and diplomatic exchange.

Quote from Ivy:

"My love for art history started many summers ago during one of those Europe trips with my mentor Roy Yu, the President of IEEC and a knowledgeable art connoisseur and innovator behind the viral Instagram account @festinalentesemper. It never occurred to me that art history is something I want to do for the rest of my life. Growing up, I was determined to become a lawyer (or the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg!). But something changed along the way and I took a wild detour from my pre-law path. While I can’t pinpoint the exact “aha” moment where it dawned on me that art history is the love of my life, I attribute this epiphany to the constant inspiration from Roy. Without his enlightenment and guidance, I would not have the privilege to find my true passion at such a young age and to enjoy what I do every day with a sense of mission. Today, my mission as an educator is simple - to instil a deep and lasting passion for art and culture in younger generations. As a Gen-Z educator, I don’t do dull and dreary: I’m here to break down the barriers to this field and to show you that art history isn’t about memorising dusty dates and foreign names. I want my students to experience the same joy and inspiration that art has brought me – how it touches and heals, how it changes the way we see the world, and how it reminds us what it is to be human… I aim to bring art history to life and make it relevant, weaving a tapestry of stories that captivate, inspire, and drive my students to think beyond boundaries, ultimately achieving my long-term goals of democratising art and promoting cultural exchanges globally."


Remedial tutoring is aimed at students still acquiring English language competence. Relevant courses include:

Cultural Tours

Curated and led by knowledgeable and experienced world travellers, our tours aim to uncover cultural heritage and spark curiosities.