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For university students…

We help prospective college and university applicants to choose the institutions that best suit their educational needs.

We help students of all levels (be it Bachelor, Master, or PhD) and of all faculties or areas of studies (be it Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Commerce, and so on).

02.Degree Planning
04.Career Prospects
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Regardless of the programme chosen, we help students through the application process. Once admitted, we help students to obtain any necessary visa or residence permit. Once enrolled, we assist students in their course selection, and provide on-going academic support.

Our Process

Degree Planning

Over the course of their studies, we offer students on-going support in course selection and degree planning to ensure that students meet all graduation requirements.



In terms of living arrangements, students may choose from on-campus student residence, or off-campus private rentals. Students studying in Vancouver, Canada may also have the option to live in the private student residence run by International Elite Education Corporation.

Career Prospects

Throughout their studies and more so towards the end of their studies, we assist students in obtaining volunteer/internship opportunities to enhance their profile and increase their future career prospects.

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Our students attend…

Our students attend…