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Landfill Sustainability in Canada

Are We Abusing our Landfills to the Breaking Point?

Landfills are an eyesore, they are unpleasant to smell and produce gases which contribute to global warming while also taking up valuable real estate.  That being said, they are often considered a necessary evil.

Here are some startling facts from

  1. Each person creates roughly 1.8KG of garbage a day
  2. 75% of waste is recyclable but we only recycle about 30% of it
  3. Canada produces double the amount of waste per capita as Japan
  4. 93% of Canadian homes have access to recycling
  5. North America has just 5.1% of the worlds population yet consumes 24% of the Earth’s resources
  6. Airports and Airlines only recycle 20% of their waste

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Wind Farm in Canada

Sustainability in Canada

Canada is one of the leaders in a multitude of policies on a global stage.  We often pride ourselves on our environmental and social beliefs, welcoming to immigration and our almost nauseating politeness and political correctness.  Despite these positive attributes Canada can do much more to improve it’s overall sustainability in Landscaping, Farming, Energy, and Industry and Environmental protection.  A country as vast as Canada with seemingly endless natural resources has a number of challenges and strengths to play off of, striking a balance between economic and environmental preservation are at the forefront of discussion in recent years, most notably the newly approved pipeline projects, which put profit before the environment.

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